A pair of black socks with blue heels, toes, and ankles. There are white pictures of safety pins, buttons, and a ship on it. There is a photo of Dr. Jackson pointing at the socks with an image of one of the Chevalier Jackson drawers in the background.


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Looking for a way to honor your favorite combined otolaryngologist AND exhibit at the Mütter?? Look no further than these cotton unisex socks! Based on an impressive 2,000+ swallowed objects, these Chevalier JackSocks highlight some of the most common and most intriguing items in his collection.

Manufactured in North Carolina by Sock Club. 75% cotton, 21% Nylon, 4% Lycra. 

Label Reads:

"Chevalier Jackson, MD (1865-1968) was a renownded otolaryngologist and Fellow of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Known for his extensive work in developing methods and tools for extracting objects from patients' throats, esophaguses, and lungs, the Mütter Museum is home to his collection of over 2,000 swallowed objects, some of which are pictured on these socks. Thanks to his extensive record-keeping, doctors were able to consult his noted in order to further develop the specialization of bronchoesophagology."

Collection Connection:

The Chevalier Jackson collection is one of the permanent exhibits in the Mütter Museum, utilizing drawers to showcase the swallowed objects. To learn more about the collection itself, head this way!