A pint glass with an illustration of Dr. Mütter on an old fashioned label for Ethyl Ether Anesthesia. The back of the pint glass details the relationship between Dr. Mütter and ethyl ether anesthesia.
Dr. Mütter Pint Glass

Dr. Mütter Pint Glass

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There's no better way to imbibe a bit of history than with this pint glass! A small bit of history notes Dr. Mütter's use and enthusiasm of ethyl ether anesthesia.

Text reads: Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter was a prominent surgeon in Philadelphia in the 19th century and specialized in reconstructive surgery. DrMütter would often converse about new techniques or procedures with other doctors, and the use of ethyl ether anesthesia in surgery was among them. As such, DrMütter was one of the first doctors in Philadelphia to utilize it, alleviating the pain of patients during their procedure.

Pint glasses are hand wash only.

Collection Connection:

Dr. Mütter, the namesake for the Mütter Museum, began the museum with his donation of medical specimens after his passing. To learn more about some of our permanent exhibitions, click here!