A black and white photo of a hand holding a boxed game. The box has "Morbid Curiosity: A Game About Death" written on it in white and there is an illustration of a white skull in the O of Morbid.
Morbid Curiosity Game

Morbid Curiosity Game

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Morbid Curiosity is a wickedly original party game about death. Get ready for a lively evening of story telling, trivia, and delightfully dark fun with friends and family. Our deck of 162 cards will ignite and challenge your curiosity about the greatest mystery of all - death. Game night is about to get very interesting…

Black Trivia Cards: Death trivia from history, science, mythology, origin of words, culture, and whatever else we could dig up. Most of these cards are multiple choice by a few true or false to speed the game up, so don't hold back, answer quickly and with authority.

Black All Play Cards: These cards ask players to brainstorm together and create answers that are creative and irreverent. You'll probably want pen and paper for these.

White Discussion Cards: These cards are personal, intimate, challenging, and quirky. They take a bit more time to answer as they'll involve you in a discussion about your experiences and thoughts about death..

Some examples of cards include:

  • Cremated ashes are referred to as a)mortuary ash, b) cremations, c) Hades' Dust, d) cremains. 
  • How would you feel about your dead body being displayed to the public? For instance, as a mummy, a work of art, or a scientific specimen... (shameless plug here of course)
  • If you are a "taphophile" what are you interested in? a)autopsies, b)caskets and coffins, c) cemeteries and gravestones, d) ghosts and the paranormal.
  • Upon your death, are there any items you want disposed of before your family sorts through your possessions? Who should dispose of these items?