Skin Plush - More Melanin!
Skin Plush - More Melanin!

Skin Plush - More Melanin!

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New skin tone! High-quality skin plush feels super soft against your own. Our skin protects our insides from the outside and melanin gives skin its beautiful color! Love the skin you're in. Skin cancer self-exam, derm-tastic facts and info included with 9” x 9” x 7” skin pillow.

Skin stuffed toy makes a sensational dermatology model or office mascot. We love our new melanated skin tone! 100 percent polyester. Designed in California, handmade in an ethically-certified factory in China. ages 3 and up.

Peep all the layers on our skin plushie! This fluffy friend will spark smiles and make friends at the dermatology office. Soft and cute -- just like you! Detailed dermis has it all: Melanin! Sebaceous Glands! That hair follicle! Pacini's Corpuscles! Subcutaneous Fat! Gotta love the incredible detail on this skin plush pal!

Skin care check chart helps you get under your skin! Our booklet hangtags are packed with info about things fleshy. Nobody loves melanoma, so be sure to know what you're looking for when you check your moles.

This skin plushie comes with a fact-filled educational booklet hangtag all about the organ and tons of detail including adorable hair follicle, the skin’s senses and everything else under your epidermis. Delight your dermatologist, aesthetician, medical school student, health professional, or skin enthusiast with this perfect skin pillow. Give 'em goosebumps with a creepy-yet-cute skin stuffed animal!

What does skin do? As the body’s largest organ, the skin sends away germs and infection while helping us enjoy the sensation of touch. With help from the sweat glands, our skin also acts like the body’s air-conditioner to help us maintain a healthy body temperature. Our sebaceous glands release oils that keep skin soft and hair supple.